Sunday, June 12, 2011

Horses and pot! Cheap or free fertilizer for cannabis!

SACRAMENTO, CA - Saddled with costly charges each month for manure removal, a Sacramento horse ranch recently decided to take a different approach toward getting rid of their excrement.

They began advertising for people to come by and pick it up to use as fertilizer. It didn't take long before the strategy began to work, though ranch operators were surprised when they learned how some people were using it.

"We had a sweet older lady actually say out loud that it was great for medical marijuana," said Paris Frazier of the Sacramento Horsemen's Association.

Frazier said they never ask people how they plan on using the manure. Most of the usage is for plants or crops, Frazier said, but she's heard some people say they use it to help grow medical marijuana.

Frazier said the money her association saves by giving away horse manure, instead of the $700 per month they spend to have it hauled off, helps fund riding programs for underprivileged kids.

Medical Marijuan Ordinance Passed...

Butte county passes Ordinance some agree, some dont!
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Medical Marijuan Ordinance Passed...