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Food Drive for Free Pot Nets 12,000 Pounds of Food from Medical Marijuana Dispensary December 30, 2010 11:03 AM Food Drive for Free Pot Nets 12,000 Pounds of Food from Medical Marijuana Dispensary SANTA CRUZ (CBS/KCBS) The Second Harvest Food Bank in Santa Cruz County had a successful holiday food drive, thanks in part to an amazing number of donations from a small business. No, not a car dealership or a restaurant. The Granny Purps Marijuana Dispensary. The food collection barrels were pretty empty at the dispensary in Soquel, until they got the bright idea to offer joints for food, reports CBS affiliate KCBS. "We originally didn't have a limit and people could bring in as many cans as they wanted," said dispensary co-owner Phil Hicks. "And for every four cans, we would give them a free, pre-rolled joint. They had to be a legal medical marijuana patient and a part of our collective to participate in the promotion." Each patient was also limited to a maximum of three cigarettes a day. Hicks said the next thing they knew, they were inundated with cans of food. "The response blew away anything we expected. We started in November. I was hoping we could fill five barrels before Thanksgiving, but we had seven filled by Thanksgiving," he said. "I said at this rate, I think we can get 10,000 pounds by Christmas."javascript:void(0) Hicks said they ended up collecting close to 12,000 pounds of food. Cannabis Patient, Caregiver & Consultant Buddy at 11:23 PM Labels: cannabis food drive, compassion food drive, modesto food drive, pot food drive, santa cruz compassion

Food Drive for Free Pot Nets 12,000 Pounds of Food from Medical Marijuana Dispensary
December 30, 2010 11:03 AM
Food Drive for Free Pot Nets 12,000 Pounds of Food from Medical Marijuana Dispensary

SANTA CRUZ (CBS/KCBS) The Second Harvest Food Bank in Santa Cruz County had a successful holiday food drive, thanks in part to an amazing number of donations from a small business.

No, not a car dealership or a restaurant.

The Granny Purps Marijuana Dispensary.

The food collection barrels were pretty empty at the dispensary in Soquel, until they got the bright idea to offer joints for food, reports CBS affiliate KCBS.

"We originally didn't have a limit and people could bring in as many cans as they wanted," said dispensary co-owner Phil Hicks. "And for every four cans, we would give them a free, pre-rolled joint. They had to be a legal medical marijuana patient and a part of our collective to participate in the promotion."

Each patient was also limited to a maximum of three cigarettes a day.

Hicks said the next thing they knew, they were inundated with cans of food.

"The response blew away anything we expected. We started in November. I was hoping we could fill five barrels before Thanksgiving, but we had seven filled by Thanksgiving," he said. "I said at this rate, I think we can get 10,000 pounds by Christmas."javascript:void(0)

Hicks said they ended up collecting close to 12,000 pounds of food.
Cannabis Patient, Caregiver & Consultant Buddy at 11:23 PM
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GDP, Ken's Grand Daddy, God's Gift, Purple Earkle

Still some of the best top strains even in more demand than the KUSH it seems!:)

Thanks to the GDP team!
Ken has helped patients and brought this strain to the community for over 10 years now! Well verify the BORN date on the genetics, although the main purpose of this post is to thank the GDP Team and all family members for keeping the genetics strong, powerful and alive!

Opposing Views: Oklahoma Man Denied "Hemp" Vanity License Plate

Opposing Views: Oklahoma Man Denied "Hemp" Vanity License Plate

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Can you cook with marinol ?

Can you Cook with Marinol (Dronabinol)?

Marinol and Dronabinol are synthetic THC medications that have been created in a laboratory. Many argue that their beneficial effects pale in comparison to that of cannabis. AID's patients complain that it makes them feel more drugged but does not create the hunger to combat their wasting syndrome, that is is not as efficient as a sleep aid, and also there is a lethal dose.

But at least they can be trademarked so the pharmaceutical companies can make some money!

The answer to the question is no. Although Marinol is a synthetic THC oil, it is not one that can be cooked with. No brownies, no space cakes, and especially no canna butter. Scientifically when cannabis is cooked the delta 9 cannabinoids change to become delta 11 cannabinoids. At this point the cooked
cannabis becomes 11-OH-*9-THC. The problem is that Marinol and Dronabinol are Delta 9 and cannot change by being heated or cooked. It is a static and stable THC. 

I highly recommend anyone who has a prescription for Marinol or Dronabinol try the healthy and natural alternative first. Try cannabis the way it was intended, then make up your own mind.

Posted by David Briggs
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Killing bacteria with cannabis

Killing bacteria with cannabis

Killing bacteria with cannabis
By Yun Xie | Last updated August 26, 2008 4:31 PM

Pharmacists and chemists have found another use for the multipurpose cannabis as a source of antibacterial chemicals for multidrug resistant bacteria. Ironically, inhaling cannabis is known to damage the lung's ability to fend off invading pathogens, but the ingredients in cannabis, particularly the cannabinoids, have antiseptic properties. Although scattered research has been conducted since the 1950s, no comprehensive study existed that relates the structure of cannabinoids with antibacterial activity. Giovanni Appendino, Simon Gibbons, and coworkers attempted to remedy that problem by examining the activity of five common cannabinoids and their synthetic derivatives.

Five of the most common cannabinoids.

All five cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, and CBN) were potent against bacteria. Notably, they performed well against bacteria that were known to be multidrug resistant, like the strains of MRSA that plagued U.K. hospitals. CBD and CBG have the most potential for consumer use because they are nonpsychotropic.

Besides identifying antibacterial capability, the researchers wanted to figure out why these cannabinoids are so good at killing bacteria. They obviously are very effective at specifically targeting some vital process in the bacteria. Unfortunately, even after extensive work at modifying the cannabinoids and comparing their activities, that targeting mechanism remains a mystery. The scientists were able to figure out that the position of the n-pentyl chain (orange) relative to the terpenoid moiety (blue) serves to control lipid affinity.

These cannabinoids are promising enough to warrant rigorous clinical trials. They are applicable as topical antiseptics, biodegradable antibacterial compounds for cosmetics, and systematic antibacterial agents.

J. Nat. Prod., 2008. DOI: 10.1021/np8002673

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Dissolved Oxygen Levels and Nutrient Temperature

Dissolved Oxygen Levels and Nutrient Temperature
Battle the Pythium Virus in Hydroponics

The essential for consistence in harvests with the utmost quality and yield.

The hydroponic nutrient solution is not just a mix of fertilizer salts and water, there are a number of organisms and compounds commonly found in our hydroponic systems that we need to be aware of. One of the most important of these is dissolved oxygen which is vital for the health and strength of the root system as well as being necessary for nutrient uptake.

Most growers are familiar with the need to have some form of aeration in their nutrient solution - whether they be in a recirculating or a media based system. In NFT systems, this is often accomplished with the use of an air pump or by allowing the nutrient to fall back into the reservoir thus introducing oxygen. However, the effect of temperature of the solution on the dissolved oxygen levels and on root respiration rates also needs to be taken into account. As the temperature of your nutrient solution increases, the ability of that solution to 'hold' dissolved oxygen decreases. For example, the oxygen content of a fully aerated solution at 10C (50 F) is about 13ppm, but as the solution warms up to 20 C (68 F) the ability of the liquid to 'hold' oxygen drops to 9 - 10ppm, by the time the solution has reached 30 C (86 F), then it's only 7ppm.

While this may not seem like a huge drop in the amount of dissolved oxygen, we have to remember that as the temperature of the root system warms, the rate of respiration of the root tissue also increases and more oxygen is required by the plant. For example, the respiration rate of the roots will double for each 10C rise in temperature up to 30C (86 F). So the situation can develop where the solution temperature increases from 20 - 30C (68 - 86 F) during the day, with a mature crop, then the requirement for oxygen will double while the oxygen carrying capacity of the solution will drop by over 25%. This means that the dissolved oxygen in solution will be much more rapidly depleted and the plants can suffer from oxygen starvation for a period of time.

The symptoms of oxygen starvation which can occur in both NFT and media based systems can be difficult to pick up as they are very general signs. Media based plants are just as prone to oxygen starvation in hydroponic systems as those grown in solution culture, but here we must also take into account the 'air filled porosity' of the media used. This is simply how much air can permeate between the particles in the substrate and selection of a free draining media which won't break down will ensure that maximum aeration is going to reach the root zone. Injury from low (or no) oxygen in the root zone can take several forms and these will differ in severity between species. Often the first sign of inadequate oxygen supply to the roots is wilting of the plant during the warmest part of the day when temperature and light levels are highest. Insufficient oxygen reduces the permeability of roots to water and there will be the accumulation of toxins, thus both water and minerals cannot be absorbed in sufficient quantities to support plant growth particularly under stress conditions. This wilting is accompanied by slower rates of photosynthesis and carbohydrate transfer, so that over time, plant growth is reduced and yields will be affected. If oxygen starvation continues, mineral deficiencies will begin to show, roots will die back and plants will become stunted. Under continuing anaerobic conditions, plants produce a stress hormone - ethylene which accumulates in the roots and causes collapse of the root cells. Once root deterioration caused by anaerobic conditions has begun, opportunist pathogens such as Pythium can easily take hold and rapidly destroy the plant.

Another more visible and longer term effect of oxygen starvation which also occurs in waterlogged crops is leaf 'epinasty'. Epinasty is a downward curvature of the plant leaves, resulting in plants which look wilted. If the oxygen starvation continues and is severe, then eventually leaf chlorosis yellowing, premature leaf and flower abscission will occur.

There are a number of things we can do to make sure our nutrient solution is carrying sufficient dissolved oxygen, and this is important when we consider that many of the root diseases encountered in hydroponics have occurred because the root system was damaged in some way, with anaerobic conditions being a major factor in many situations. The first most important factor to remember with oxygen is that the best way to introduce this gas into the nutrient is to have the solution fall back into the reservoir, and the greater the drop height, the better the aeration effect. Breaking the flow up into a fine shower also assists by introducing more air bubbles into the tank. Secondly, while nutrient ppm (EC) does reduce the oxygen carrying capacity of the solution, the effect is very small and temperature has a much greater influence on oxygenation. Reducing excessive solution temperatures will ensure more oxygen can be held by the solution and the rate of respiration by the roots will be kept down to optimal levels. Thirdly factors such as nutrient flow rate, channel width, length and slope have a large effect on oxygen levels- faster flow rates, greater slopes and shorter channel lengths all assist with prevention of oxygen starvation.

Perhaps one of the commonest problems in hydroponic systems is the Pythium pathogen and what many growers don't realize is that Pythium being an 'opportunist' fungi, often takes advantage of plants which have been stressed by a combination of high temperatures and oxygen starvation in the root zone. Pythium is usually described as a 'secondary infection' meaning that the Pythium spores which are actually common in just about all hydroponic systems, don't actually attack the plant until it has been damaged in some way. Even very clean hydroponic systems and grow rooms which are isolated from the outdoor environment will have some Pythium present as these fungal spores are naturally present everywhere on a world wide scale - in the water, soil, vegetation, carried in the air and in dust, so its difficult to eliminate the source of this disease. However, one way we can reduce the 'spore load' is to sterilize any water supply which may be contaminated with high levels of pythium - water from dams, and streams should always be sterilized before use for this reason if Pythium is a problem.

Under the right environmental conditions, virtually every plant species is vulnerable to Pythium, which not only causes 'damping off' of seedlings but causes root and stem rot of older plants. Symptoms of Pythium on older plants are a wet rot, root systems will be browned, roots hollow and collapsed. Plants may appear to grow poorly, and wilt for no apparent reason - indicating that an examination of the root system is called for. Pythium has an optimum temperature range for infection of plants, this is generally between 20 - 30C (68 - 86 F), although infection can occur outside this range when damaged plant tissue is available for rapid colonization by the pathogen. Low concentrations of Pythium that may not cause problems at lower temperatures will be disastrous at higher temperatures, particularly where the warmer conditions are associated with a lack of oxygen in the root zone and plant stress.

The best preventative measure against Pythium attack is a healthy, rapidly growing plant as this is an opportunist pathogen and will enter at the site of tissue injury or if the plants are overly succulent, weakened or stressed for some reason. Often root damage during the seedling stage as plants are introduced to the hydroponic system is a danger time for Pythium infection. Pythium is of greatest threat during the seed germination and seedling development stage when plants are most vulnerable to attack, and adequate control and elimination of the pathogen during this stage is the best preventative measure of Pythium control in hydroponic systems. Strong healthy plants will develop resistance to Pythium attack during the seedling stage and this will prevent problems at a later stage of growth.

Other preventative measures include the use of a well drained media, thorough disinfecting of all equipment between crops, and control of pathogens during the seedling stages with a suitable fungicide, long before they are introducing into your hydroponic system. Occasionally a very high spore load, combined with excessive temperature will result in Pythium attacking even healthy plants, if this is the case, it is likely that there is an active source of spore production present, and the system must be shut down and disinfected. Sterilization of the water supply with UV light, hydrogen peroxide or ozone , before nutrient are added however, is effective at reducing or eliminating Pythium from the original water supply.

Therefore by ensuring your plants are healthy and stress free, you will not only get the highest growth rates possible, but also prevent problems such as Pythium infection occurring. The variables to remember with regard to the nutrient solution is that aeration is vital to maintain the dissolved oxygen levels, temperatures should be keep within an optimum range, and Pythium is always present, but a healthy plant is the best measure of protection against a disease outbreak. About the oxygen requirement of plants when in flower...its not always the case that plants require more oxygen because they are in flower, a plants oxygen requirement is linked to the size of the root system, temperature and nutrient uptake rates, rather than the presence of flowering. So since plants such as tomatoes tend to have a rapidly developing root system at the time of flowering, its important to maintain adequate oxygen levels. With tomatoes the requirement of oxygen in the root zone increases gradually up until the time of maximum fruit load and rapid fruit expansion, where the high rates of nutrient uptake increase the oxygen requirement quite dramatically. On the other hand, if oxygen is deficient during flowering, then the flowers and subsequent fruit may drop off as a result, or they may be undersized.

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The forgotten pioneers within the medical marijuana industry

The forgotten pioneers within the medical marijuana industry

The forgotten pioneers within the medical marijuana industry
Tuesday, July 27th, 2010
Proposition 215 was a California State voter initiative, also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, authored by Dennis Peron, Anna Boyce,...
Keep Reading » Proposition 215 was a California State voter initiative, also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996, authored by Dennis Peron, Anna Boyce, Valerie Corral, Dale Gieringer, William Panzer, Steve Kubby, Richard Cohen, Ivan Silverberg, and Tod H. Mikuriya. Approved by voters in 1996 it allows those with a valid doctor's recommendation to possess and cultivate marijuana for personal medical use. It has also been expanded to protect a growing system of collective and cooperative distribution, but is not very well regulated or clearly defined. As such, implementation across the State varies widely, some counties and cities trying to ban it all together, while others such as San Francisco, Oakland and Santa Cruz embrace it with city-sanctioned gardens, patient programs and even taxation.

It was back in 1993 when Dennis Peron, one of the key authors of Prop 215, opened the first California medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco, The Cannabis Buyers Club, supplying medical cannabis to patients in need through a truly compassionate business model. It was a genuinely care giving enterprise to safely serve those suffering from a number of serious illnesses and disabilities which cannabis helped with the associated pain, appetite, nausea, and more. When they moved to their permanent location on Market Street in 1994 it became the headquarters for the 215 movement and model for future outlets. In mid 1996, with polls showing a clear majority ready to vote in favor of medical legalization and more clubs gearing up to open, then acting Attorney General Dan Lungren made his first move against the clubs by ordering the DEA to raid the Cannabis Buyers' Club. This, just one instance of a long line of tribulations Dennis has had to endure which has helped enable the industry to become what it is today.

About the same time Dennis was setting up the Cannabis Buyers Club in San Francisco, WAMM was being established by Valerie Corral and Husband Mike Corral in Santa Cruz. WAMM (Wo/Men's Alliance for Medical Marijuana - is the first medical marijuana collective to be granted non-profit status in the United States. It is also considered to be the most legitimate medical marijuana collective and cooperative in the nation due to their truly compassionate commitment to the cause and dedicated non-profit attitude. It is a model on how every medical marijuana enterprise should be developed based on the written law. Despite this, on September 5, 2002 armed federal agents from the DEA raided the WAMM garden, arresting the Corrals, detaining and restraining critically ill and disabled patients, and destroying the entire collective's medicine. Years later Valerie continues to care for her patients and if it was not for her die hard commitment to the cause patients and even growers would never be in the permissible state as they are now.

But when asked to a large group of newbie commercial growers, growers that each distribute more then $30,000 a month to our local dispensaries but have only been in the business 5 years or less, what they know about the leaders and activist founders, the current laws, and how their businesses are structured; most did not know the individuals mentioned, and the majority were not structured legally through a non-profit organization as required with current laws. Nearly all agree they are primarily profit minded, care less about the cause, and have little compassionate association to patients. Typically they still look at it as a black market, only now with viable methods of distribution, and do not pay taxes nor operate within the perimeters of the law. A lot of this is based on unclear regulations, continued DEA arrests and federal influence, and non cooperating cities that force growers to stay underground. But there seems to be a lack of compassion or care to those that led the way or those that use the product for medical use with only finding self-indulgence and free-enterprise leading the way.

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The Hemperor, Jack Herer has Died Bonnie King The global cannabis community mourns the loss of the The Hemperor, Jack Herer has Died Bo

The Hemperor, Jack Herer has Died Bonnie King The global cannabis community mourns the loss of the
The Hemperor, Jack Herer has Died
Bonnie King

Jack Herer
June 18, 1939 – April 15, 2010
Jack Herer
The one and only Jack Herer will be missed forever

The global cannabis community mourns the loss of the great Jack Herer.

(SALEM, Ore.) - The sad news has been confirmed. Jack Herer, author of The Emperor Wears No Clothes and renowned around the world for hemp activism, has died at 11:17 a.m. today, in Eugene, Oregon.

Jack Herer suffered a heart attack last September just after speaking on stage at the Portland HempStalk festival. The last seven months have proven to be a huge challenge to the man, with several health issues making his recovery complicated.

Jack Herer's health has been poor lately, this last week there have been reports of the severity, and an outpouring of prayers on his behalf.

"It's shocking news, even after these last seven, trying months," said Paul Stanford, THCF Executive Director.

"Jack Herer has been a good friend and associate of mine for over 30 years. I was there when he had the heart attack at our Hempstalk festival and I know he wouldn’t appreciate the quality of life he's endured these last months. Still he will be greatly missed. I honor his memory."

"No other single person has done more to educate people all across the world about industrial hemp and marijuana as Jack Herer. His book is translated into a dozen different languages, it's a bestseller in Germany," added Stanford.

"The Hempstalk stage will forever be the Jack Herer Memorial stage. And, a Memorial is planned to be built where he fell that day," Stanford said.

"His legacy will continue to inspire and encourage for generations to come."

Jack HererJune 18, 1939 – April 15, 2010

ARCHIVE of recent reports about Jack Herer:

Marijuana Author Jack Herer Collapses After Stage Appearance at Portland Hempstalk (9/13/09)

Supporters of Jack Herer Say They're Focusing on the Positive (9/14/09)

Jack Herer Continues to Fight for His Life -- Donation Fund Formed (9/17/09)

Hemp Guru Jack Herer's Condition Critical But Stable (9/19/09)

Portland Media Group Releases False Report About Jack Herer's Death (9/19/09)

Dr. Phil Leveque Comments on Jack Herer's Recent Heart Attack (9/23/09)

The Hemperor Jack Herer Shows Slight Progress in Oregon Hospital (9/27/09)

Jack Herer Strives To Recover While The Fight For Hemp Goes On (10/13/09)

Jack Herer: A Man Well-Loved is Saved Again (11/2/09)

Jack Herer Benefit Event Tonight at Village Ballroom in Portland (12/3/09)

JACK, JACK: Who's Got Your Back? (12/21/09)

The Story of Jack Herer and Hempstalk VIDEO (12/24/09)


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COLORADO'S DOPE DILEMMA With more medical-marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks outlets, Denver has emerged as the per capita frontrunner


With more medical-marijuana dispensaries than Starbucks outlets, Denver has emerged as the per capita frontrunner for curative ganja. As more residents partake of doctor-prescribed pot, however, questions are emerging about where the line is between an employee's right to use medical marijuana and an employer's right to a drug-free office.

Employers, of course, don't need to accommodate a worker who shows up stoned. But can someone who legally tokes on his own time, and whose performance isn't hurt, be fired for failing a drug test? "We're in uncharted territory," says Vance Knapp, a Denver employment lawyer who expects the issue to be tested in the courts soon.

So far, judges in California, Washington, Montana, and Oregon have sided with employers. But because Colorado's medical-marijuana laws are in its constitution, not just statutes, legal experts give the edge in any test case to employees. That could mean a breakthrough victory for users, swinging momentum their way and giving pro-patient lawyers in other states much-needed--if nonbinding--precedent.

Busted Phelan delivery service underscores need for mmj collective ordinance 2. St. Patty Dinner at High Desert

Hi Everyone,

Here's what's here.

1. Busted Phelan delivery service underscores need for mmj collective ordinance
2. St. Patty Dinner at High Desert MAPP meet
3. Radio show - Can Prop. 65 derail medical marijuana ?

Last Tuesday, a delivery service operated out of a small store in Phelan was
raided by San
Bernardino County Sheriff officers and two people were arrested including the
owner Kenneth
Elswick. Although it was a storefront, the collective was being operated as a
delivery service
and sales did not occur on the premises. Apparently, plants were being grown and
processed which led to some complaints from neighboring businesses about the
odor that made its
way into their spaces.

A story put out by KABC news reported that "Authorities in San Bernardino County
said they are
aggressively cracking down on violators of a county moratorium against selling
Whether this is the start of a campaign to close down any and all collectives or
is an isolated
incidence of police responding to complaints of neighboring businesses remains
to be seen, but
it is all tied into the moribund medical marijuana collective ordinance that
should have been up
and running by now but hasn't even gotten to the starting gate.

The root of the problem is the inability of the SB Planning Department to
produce a draft
medical marijuana collective ordinance to submit to the Planning Commission -
the first step in
getting an ordinance that would license and regulate medical marijuana
collectives in the
unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County.

The March 2 rally at the SB Board of Supervisors meeting was all about getting
the moribund
ordinance resuscitated and moving forward again. At that meeting patients spoke
about their
frustrations with the halt in developing regulations so that they can have safe,
reliable and
local access. After the patients spoke, Dena Smith, head of the Dept. of Land
Use Services
informed the Board that there had been meetings and that progress was being

This was news to all of us, so after the meeting a small group met for a short
discussion with
Ms. Smith who promised to call the following week with the information on the
meetings and what
was being done. When I spoke with Ms. Smith the following week she had now
decided that the
information relating to what meetings were held, who was there and what was
discussed was none
of the public's business.

The conversation continued to deteriorate from there and ended when she told me
to send her FAX.
At the end of this newsletter, you can get a sneak preview of the FAX that I
will be sending to
her and all the members of the Board of Supervisors on Monday. It will give you
a good overview
of just what is happening and the Alice-In-Wonderland menagerie the process has
turned into.

If you would like a first-hand account of the above, I will be at the High
Desert MAPP meeting
this Wednesday, March 17 to explain it all. But the major reason you want to
come to the meeting
is because there's more than just a meeting going on that day - there's going to
be a St.
Patty's Day celebration right along with it. That's right - celebrate whatever
it is that you
celebrate on St. Patty's Day with a fabulous Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner with
all the fixins
available for just a paltry $2 dollar donation (but don't hesitate to fork over
more if you can
- it all goes to the cause). The dinner begins at 5 p.m. with the meeting
beginning at 6:30 p.m.

On Wednesday, March 17, come on down or up to (depending on where you are) and
join all the High
Desert folks for a St. Patty's Day Party as can only be celebrated at the famed
Castle Inn in
Landers. The Castle Inn is located 1388 N. Golden Slipper Lane, Landers 92285.


On June 19, 2009, the state of California added marijuana smoke to its Prop 65
list of chemicals
that are known to cause cancer or reproductive harm. When listed many
restrictions and
disclosure requirements come into play and this poses interesting questions on
the logistics
involved in the Prop 65 disclosure requirements

Are marijuana smokers going to have to put warnings on their cigarettes to warn
anyone who may
come in the vicinity of the smoke? What about people who use marijuana
prescribed for medicinal
purposes in their homes? Will they need a sign on their door warning anyone who
may come in? Are
these new changes going to affect California's other laws that currently
legalize marijuana
smoking for medical reasons?

Although the carcinogens formed when marijuana burns does produce known
carcinogenic products,
there has never been a study showing any relationship between smoking marijuana
and developing
cancer. In fact, there are a litany of studies that actually show smoking
marijuana can reduce
the likelihood of developing cancers.

This Monday's radio show will feature an interview with David Bush, a mmj
advocate who has
challenged the California Carcinogen Identification Committee, the group who
chooses what will
and will not be listed as carcinogenic, to justify their listing. It is a
convoluted process
that even surpasses SB County's contortions over their mmj collective ordinance.
Join me on Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense with David Bush and learn how
this may and will
affect you and what is being done about it. The show is interactive so if you
have any questions
or comments, please call them into the listener call-in number 888-909-1050.

Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense is heard this Monday, March 15 and every
Monday at 6:05
p.m. on Inland Empire Radio station KCAA 1050AM. It can be heard everywhere in
the western
Inland Empire from Ontario to Moreno Valley, the foothills to Lake Elsinore. If
you can't get it
on your radio - don't despair - you can get it on the Internet at Click on
LISTEN LIVE or you can see what's going on in the studio (sorry - it's nothing
like the Howard
Stern show) by clicking on KCAA TV.

That's it for this newsletter. The FAX to SB's Ms. Smith is below.


March 15, 2010

To: Dena Smith
Department of Land Use Services

From: Lanny Swerdlow

Subject: Medical Marijuana Collective ordinance staff meetings

This FAX contains 3 pages

Per your request near the end of our phone conversation on Friday, March 12, I
am sending you a
FAX with information and questions regarding three staff meetings that you
attended prior to the
San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors meeting on March 2.

Medical marijuana patients attended the March 2 Board meeting because of the
delay in drafting an ordinance to allow for medical marijuana collectives to
operate in the
unincorporated areas of San Bernardino County. Many of the cities in the county
are looking for
guidance on how to write and implement ordinances for their communities and the
delay in
drafting an ordinance causes delays throughout the rest of the county. This is
not in keeping
with the commitment made by San Bernardino County to follow and implement state
law following
the loss of their lawsuit to have Prop. 215 declared unconstitutional by the
U.S. Supreme Court
as well as in settlement of the San Bernardino Superior Court Case of Scott
Bledsoe vs. Jim

At a meeting on November 3, 2009 with Jim Squire, Judy Tatman, David Ward and
Trudy Raymundo,
patients and advocates were told that a draft ordinance should be ready in
January and submitted
to the Planning Commission for a public hearing. We were assured that we would
be kept in the
loop and informed of progress being made in the development of the ordinance.

No one from San Bernardino County contacted us about any delay in the process of
drafting the
ordinance so when January came and went with no draft ordinance, a number of
patients started
contacting me and the county wanting to know what was happening. Several spoke
with Ms. Tatman
in February and were informed that the delay had been caused by the inability of
the County
Counsel, District Attorney, Public Health and Planning to meet together at one
time. This was
confirmed by a phone conversation I had with Mr. Squire who now stated that he
had no idea when
any future meeting would take place or when a draft ordinance would be
available. He did state
that everyone is concerned about the current case of Qualified Patients
Association vs. City of
Anaheim now being heard by the 4th District Court of Appeals.

With a decision in that case expected by the end of April, I am now wondering if
the delay in
drafting the ordinance has occurred because some of the agencies involved are
waiting for the
4th District Court of Appeals to issue their ruling. If that is the reason for
the delay, then
please just say so. Sometimes I feel like we are being treated like little
children whose
concerns are trivialized while being patted gently on the head.

When patients brought the delay in the drafting of the ordinance to the
attention of the Board
of Supervisors at the March 2 meeting, you stated, in direct contradiction to
what patients had
been told, that a number of meetings had been held and that progress was being
made on the
ordinance. You did not elaborate on this and after the meeting in a short
discussion I had with
you, you stated you would contact me the following week with information on
these meetings.

When I spoke with you on the phone on Friday, you informed me that you had
personally attended
three meetings with County staff to discuss this issue. When I asked when these
meetings were,
who attended the meetings and what was discussed, you refused to provide that
stating that you felt this information was not needed by the public. I disagreed
and said this
information is critical and you agreed to provide additional information within
two weeks of
receipt of a FAX requesting this information.

As per your request, I am listing below the information I requested in our phone

1. When were the three meetings held that you were in attendance at?
2. Where there any other meetings regarding the medical marijuana ordinance that
you were not in
attendance at?
3. Who was in attendance at the meetings you attended and at any meetings that
you did not
4. What was discussed at the meetings you attended and what decisions were made?
What was
discussed and what decisions were made at any meetings that you were not in
attendance at?
5. What is the projected time table for a draft ordinance to be written and
submitted to the
Planning Commission?

I regret that this has become so confrontational. I had thought patients had
established a good
working relationship with San Bernardino County and am disappointed that it has
come to the
point where I have to submit a list of questions to obtain information that
should have been
provided to us freely and openly as a matter of respect and good public policy.

I recognize that the Department of Land Use Services has many irons in the fire
that are of
greater importance than patient access to medicinal marijuana and that this may
be an
uncomfortable issue that many would rather just go away. Well, patients are not
going to go
away, so even though there are issues of greater concern, I find it hard to
believe that the
County can't find one person to coordinate a meeting for the involved County
Agencies so that
Ms. Tatman will have the information she needs to complete the ordinance.

With no ordinance on how medical marijuana is to be distributed, taxpayer money
that is
desperately needed for county services is being wasted as San Bernardino County
marijuana patients and providers are still being arrested and prosecuted. On
Tuesday, March 9, a
medical marijuana delivery service in Phelan was raided by San Bernardino County
officers and the operators arrested. The cost to county taxpayers of the arrest
and prosecution
of these individuals will most likely exceed $50,000.

KABC news reported the Phelan arrests in a story on Wednesday, March 10 noting
that "Authorities
in San Bernardino County said they are aggressively cracking down on violators
of a county
moratorium against selling marijuana." If this is indeed the policy of San
Bernardino County law
enforcement, how much more money must San Bernardino County continue to
hemorrhage while waiting
for an ordinance to be drafted.

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School Of Pot Opens In Sunset Beach
Orange County residents now have a place to go to learn how to cook, smoke and buy medical marijuana. / / Cannabis State opened Friday in Sunset Beach and on Sunday will be holding its first class: an introduction to medical marijuana. The school's ... Ganjarden 03-13-2010 0 40 04:37 PM, 03-13-2010 Ganjarden
Medical Marijuana Ads
Montana - There is a battle brewing between television and radio stations and medical marijuana providers nationwide over the selling of advertising space. / / It has hit close to home as one Billings grower wants you to boycott KULR-8 Television. / ... Ganjarden 03-13-2010 0 47 04:34 PM, 03-13-2010 Ganjarden
Hollister Pot Shop Plans to Recall Mayor
Calif. - Evictions, lawsuits and now a petition to recall the mayor. The weed war in Hollister takes an ugly turn. / / The owner of the marijuana dispensary Purple Cross RX says he started a petition to recall the mayor of Hollister following a ... Ganjarden 03-13-2010 0 44 04:32 PM, 03-13-2010 Ganjarden
Let’s Teach WalMart A Lesson About Medical Marijuana
It’s always fascinating to watch corporations flail about cluelessly while society is in the throes of epochal change. One has to go no farther than Starbucks for an example; their recent crash course in societal change involved incurring the wrath ... Ganjarden 03-13-2010 0 115 04:31 PM, 03-13-2010 Ganjarden
Despite Setbacks, Effort Continues to Legalize Marijuana in Washington
Two bills seeking to legalize and decriminalize marijuana possession by adults were voted down by the House Public Safety Committee in January, but the effort to legalize marijuana in Washington is not dead. Activists recently filed a ballot ... Ganjarden 03-13-2010 0 35 04:29 PM, 03-13-2010 Ganjarden
Monterey Pot Club Loses In Court
A Monterey medical marijuana dispensary has been ordered by the court to close immediately, city officials said Friday. / / Superior Court Judge Robert O'Farrell issued a preliminary injunction in favor of the city, requiring MyCaregiver Inc. at 554 ... Ganjarden 03-13-2010 0 24 04:27 PM, 03-13-2010 Ganjarden
Man Claims Wrongful Termination For Using Medical Marijuana
MT - A man who is HIV-positive is suing Loaf-n-Jug, claiming he was wrongfully terminated because he used medical marijuana. / / Mike Babbitt is seeking $500,000 in damages from the company, which is a division of the Cincinnati-based Kroger ... Ganjarden 03-13-2010 0 31 04:24 PM, 03-13-2010 Ganjarden
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
Vermont Gov. Jim Douglas says he's against a proposal to allow up to five dispensaries to be set up around the state for medical marijuana. / / Douglas won't say if he'll veto the legislation if it reaches his desk. But he says Vermont is already at ... Ganjarden 03-13-2010 0 23 04:22 PM, 03-13-2010 Ganjarden
Bout With Multiple Sclerosis Leads Sean Becker To Fight For Medical Pot
Sean Becker was a happy single father until his life turned upside down in January 2006. / / That's when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a degenerative disease that can eventually disable people. Two weeks earlier, Becker was snowboarding ... Ganjarden 03-13-2010 0 26 04:20 PM, 03-13-2010 Ganjarden
Vote Hemp and Hemp Industries Association Announce Week Long Education Campaign
The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) and Vote Hemp are excited to announce the 1st Annual Hemp History Week to be held May 17-23, 2010. As a national grassroots education campaign designed to renew strong support for hemp farming in the U.S., Hemp ... Ganjarden 03-13-2010 0 22 04:18 PM, 03-13-2010 Ganjarden
Boulder Volunteers Find $8,000 Of Pot In Clothing Donation Bin
Boulder police will probably destroy a two-pound bag of marijuana — worth about $8,000 — that volunteers for a local charity found yesterday tucked in a clothing donation bin outside the Barnes and Noble in the 2900 block of Pearl ... User 03-13-2010 0 127 07:58 AM, 03-13-2010 User
Patients vs. Prosecutors at Medical Marijuana Hearing
CO - State lawmakers could be within shouting distance of a plan to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries with pending legislation that leaves hardly anyone happy. After hearing testimony late into the night on March 4, the House Judiciary ... User 03-13-2010 0 163 07:46 AM, 03-13-2010 User
Medical Marijuana Prescription Bill Headed To Gregoire
Washington - The bill allowing patients to get medical-marijuana authorizations from a wider range of health-care professionals came a step closer to becoming law as it passed in the Legislature Thursday. / / Senate Bill 5798 extends the ability to ... Ganjarden 03-12-2010 0 41 04:56 PM, 03-12-2010 Ganjarden
Marijuana Legalization: Mason Tvert Files Language To Put It On November Ballot
Pot advocate Mason Tvert filed language on Wednesday for a November ballot initiative that would allow Coloradans 21 and older to use marijuana. Does that mean Colorado is about to be embroiled in a full-scale movement to legalize weed? / / Not ... Ganjarden 03-12-2010 0 48 04:54 PM, 03-12-2010 Ganjarden
Hearing Set On Medicinal Marijuana Act Bill HB2610
Kansas - I am excited to finally share with you some positive news regarding the Medical Marijuana Act Bill HB2610. This week on the front page of the USA Today there was an article regarding “State Actions on Legalizing Marijuana” and ... Ganjarden 03-12-2010 0 33 04:52 PM, 03-12-2010 Ganjarden
Board Upholds Ban On Marijuana Sales In Business Zone
Medical marijuana sales still are illegal in business zones in Cascade County. / / The Cascade County Zoning Board of Adjustment voted 5-0 Friday morning to uphold the Planning Department’s denial of a location conformance permit for a medical ... Ganjarden 03-12-2010 0 27 04:50 PM, 03-12-2010 Ganjarden
R.I. Doctors Tell Why They OK Medical Marijuana Requests
They are on the front lines of the marijuana debate, the ones who decide who should be allowed to smoke, ingest or inhale what is still an illegal drug in Rhode Island without fear of arrest. / / They include neurologists, oncologists, infectious ... Ganjarden 03-12-2010 0 40 04:47 PM, 03-12-2010 Ganjarden
355 R.I. Doctors Have Approved Medical Marijuana Use
The Rhode Island Department of Health has made public a list of the 355 doctors who have signed applications for their patients to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. / / State health officials provided the names of the doctors, and the number of ... Ganjarden 03-12-2010 0 24 04:44 PM, 03-12-2010 Ganjarden
Three Hemp-Huffing Presidents, and the New Jim Crow
Convicted felons can't vote. If that many blacks convicted of a felony can't vote, which political party does that benefit? Which party is the most outspoken in favor of continuing these stupid, stupid laws? Hmmmm. . . .:17: Ganjarden 03-12-2010 2 73 05:11 PM, 03-13-2010 Colum
What If the NFL Were More Lenient About Pot
yes, I recall seeing an HBO "Real Sports" segment on an ex-NFL lineman who was in terrible pain, and on all sorts of pain meds...cannabis would no doubt help retired players like him, and current ones too...with out the addiction of opiates... / / ... Ganjarden 03-12-2010 2 79 04:31 PM, 03-13-2010 RoguePoet
Marijuana Decriminalization Advances
On Tuesday I noted USA Today's cover story on the prospects for marijuana law reform. Three recent legislative developments reinforce the impression of growing tolerance (or at least waning repression): / / * On March 2, Hawaii's Senate ... Ganjarden 03-12-2010 0 54 04:30 PM, 03-12-2010 Ganjarden
Anton Olver Invited To Join Cannabis Party
New Zealand - The Aotearoa Leagalise Cannabis Party today announced that they have formally invited ex-All Black Anton Oliver to stand for the party. Oliver is considering his options after signaling his intention to enter politics. The ALCP believe ... Ganjarden 03-12-2010 0 30 04:29 PM, 03-12-2010 Ganjarden
Feds Raided Homes As Well As THC Ministry
Well let me enlighten you my fellow tokers about the DEA! / Our government spends over $50 Billion taxpayers dollars a year trying to eradicate drugs from this great country. According to DEA estimates we capture less then 10% of all illicit drugs. ... User 03-12-2010 9 226 04:44 PM, 03-13-2010 Thundrstucmik
Are You Cannabis Deficient?
In August 1990, researchers reported in the journal Nature the discovery of receptors in the brain that specifically accommodate the cannabinoids in pot. Cannabinoids bind to particular neurological sites in the brain, as though the brain was ... User 03-12-2010 2 215 07:00 AM, 03-13-2010 Bonehead
Editorial: A Penalty Too Stiff
Well I told You it SUCKS IN TEXAS. I LOVE MY STATE AND THE AREA I LIVE IN BUT I"M MOVING TO THE COUNTRY an I dare any one to work on my land Uninvited. Yes in Texas Your Kids can turn you in for smoking Cannabis. / In Texas we Have Old-Tired Worn-Out ... User 03-12-2010 4 189 05:58 AM, 03-13-2010 wildmanmaxx
Felonious Chunk
However, it's worth repeating that some of the state's law-enforcement officials haven't been brought up to speed on the law / They seem to always make it up as they go. / / Is this surprising to anyone? Mcdonalds has a better training program than ... User 03-12-2010 1 103 01:29 PM, 03-12-2010 Caber1
Voice be heard
Politicians need to wise up / haahahahahahahahaha rotflol hahahahahahahha / / No ahahahaahaha stop it lolololololol you're killin' me hahahahahahahahaa / / Good luck and good job for getting as far as you have. We fight for what is right.:peace2: User 03-12-2010 1 84 01:33 PM, 03-12-2010 Caber1
Green Your Beauty Routine With Natural Products by North American Hemp Co
TORONTO, ONTARIO - Now that winter is melting away its time to green your beauty routine with the new eco-friendly natural skin care and hair care collection by North American Hemp Co. The comprehensive line of hydrating products made with certified ... User 03-12-2010 0 62 09:05 AM, 03-12-2010 User
WA Legislature Allows More to OK Medical Marijuana
Cool. Any time our favorite herb gets a little freer, it's cause for celebration. :cheer2: User 03-12-2010 3 76 01:26 PM, 03-12-2010 Oddnonsmoker
Changes to Medical Marijuana Law Debated
The medical marijuana dispensary law passed by Maine voters last November was officially presented to the Legislature's Health and Human Services Committee this afternoon. Lawmakers must now figure out how to create a regulated system for ... User 03-12-2010 0 59 08:52 AM, 03-12-2010 User
NDP, Liberal, Conservative Politicians Petition to Stop Marc Emery's Extradition
Maybe the solution to the lack of interest of young people voting could be solved here... I bet the first party to support legalization or decriminalization, and have a decent campaign behind it will attract the majority of 19-25 year old voters who ... User 03-12-2010 9 126 10:12 AM, 03-14-2010 XEric420X
Cotati Approves 1st Medical Marijuana Dispensary
“We potentially could lose parishioners for the sake of this dispensary coming in,” he said. / / :ciao: / / “To call the church illegal and to call my church dishonest, I don't appreciate it at all” / / Mat 5:11 / Blessed ... User 03-11-2010 1 120 08:47 PM, 03-11-2010 User
Smell In Colorado Census Office Was From Pot Next Door
GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. — Authorities say the strange odor seeping into a western Colorado Census Bureau office came from more than 1,000 marijuana plants growing next door. / / Grand Junction census workers say the smell was coming through the ... User 03-11-2010 0 122 08:20 PM, 03-11-2010 User
How Gil Kerlikowske Lies - Drugged Driving
Yup, The Gov. lies about Cannabis and When the kids try harder drugs they wonder why? / / ITS BECAUSE OF THE CANNABIS LIES , they have to find out for themselves, User 03-11-2010 5 170 12:46 PM, 03-12-2010 MedicalNeed
Medical Marijuana Dispensaries OK
Michigan - The Plan Commission has recommended that medical marijuana dispensaries be allowed but limited to the city’s general business district, which mostly consists of the Woodward corridor. / / On March 9, the Plan Commission voted 6-1 to ... Ganjarden 03-11-2010 0 73 05:15 PM, 03-11-2010 Ganjarden
Michigan Medical Marijuana Certification Center Brings Relief to Patients Across Mich
Marijuana is not just for brownies anymore. It has touched the lives of thousands of Michigan residents who are struggling with chronic pain, severe nausea, seizures, spasms or wasting syndrome. / / For patients in Michigan, relief is now even ... Ganjarden 03-11-2010 0 56 05:13 PM, 03-11-2010 Ganjarden
More States Embrace Marijuana Decriminalization
With numerous states facing significant budget shortages, legislators and voters across the country this month have been giving overwhelming support to measures that would reduce the penalty for possession of small amounts of marijuana to a civil ... Ganjarden 03-11-2010 0 61 05:12 PM, 03-11-2010 Ganjarden
Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owner On The Pros And Cons Of Talking To The Press
These days, people involved in the medical marijuana community are understandably paranoid about interacting with the press -- and especially TV reporters -- thanks to the story of Highlands Ranch's Chris Bartkowicz, who was arrested following a Drug ... Ganjarden 03-11-2010 0 58 05:09 PM, 03-11-2010 Ganjarden
San Diego Case Focuses Debate On Legality Of Medical Pot Sales
Now that a Sacramento jury has rendered a felony conviction in a criminal case that raised questions over reasonable personal use for medical pot, a major test stirs in San Diego over whether marijuana collectives are illegal sales operations. / / ... Ganjarden 03-11-2010 0 48 05:06 PM, 03-11-2010 Ganjarden
Mile Highs and Lows: Boulder Kind Care
As Colorado's medical-marijuana industry grows, marijuana dispensaries of all types and sizes are proliferating around the state. Some resemble swanky bars or sterile dentist offices; others feel like a dope dealer's college dorm room. To help keep ... Ganjarden 03-11-2010 0 45 05:01 PM, 03-11-2010 Ganjarden
Student Group to Rally for Marijuana Legalization, Say University Police Make Arrests
As efforts to legalize marijuana for recreational use are underway in Sacramento and possibly on the ballot, a large gathering of student activists from across the country will convene in San Francisco this weekend. This Is Your Brain On Drug Policy, ... Ganjarden 03-11-2010 0 45 05:00 PM, 03-11-2010 Ganjarden
Pot Dispensary Issue Gets Date With Supreme Court
The California Supreme Court has agreed to review a petition by five Dana Point pot dispensaries asking whether a legislative subpoena – in this case a city's request for dispensary client records – can be appealed. / / Or, as a lower court has ... Ganjarden 03-11-2010 0 34 04:58 PM, 03-11-2010 Ganjarden
Maine Medical Pot Plan Still A Blur
After more than 10 years in place, voter-approved revisions in November, and fine-tuning this year by a special task force, Maine's medical marijuana law still remains a blur. / / Maine is one of 13 states that allows medical use of marijuana, but a ... Ganjarden 03-11-2010 0 18 04:55 PM, 03-11-2010 Ganjarden
Top California Official Favors Taxing & Regulating Marijuana
For decades, advocates of marijuana policy reform have argued that a regulated and taxed marijuana market would generate revenue for government on the local, state and federal levels. There have even been studies projecting tax revenues from ... Ganjarden 03-11-2010 0 29 04:52 PM, 03-11-2010 Ganjarden
KopBusting Ex-Narc Plans To Sue Police for Millions
One of the cops he caught on tape is the one he arrested by. Thats why the cops took all his media, trying to confiscate the proof Barry had that showed the arresting officer pocketing the cash from the bag. Obviously there have to be quite a few ... Ganjarden 03-11-2010 6 110 11:00 AM, 03-13-2010 Weed420
Santa Ana Medical Marijuana Grower is Victim and Suspect
After responding to an armed robbery Friday, Irvine Police indicated the city may shut down the victimized business: a medical marijuana dispensary. / / After responding to a robbery in Santa Ana Monday in which the homeowner was beaten by two men, ... Ganjarden 03-11-2010 0 22 04:49 PM, 03-11-2010 Ganjarden
President Obama's Deputy Drug Czar Tom McClellan Comments in USA TODAY Article
Probably would make sense to reschedule MJ to 2 or 3 so researchers could start to demonstrate its medicinal properties through double blind peer reviewed studies. / / :3: Ganjarden 03-11-2010 9 156 06:50 PM, 03-14-2010 Soniq420
In Idaho Your Med. Marijuana Card Gets You 5 Days In Jail, Costs Your Car and $1,300
This just in from The Department of Why I Moved Away From My Home State: / / The Fremont County prosecutor says a drug bust in Island Park illustrates that claiming a medical use of marijuana with a certificate from another state won’t help ... Warbux 03-11-2010 0 38 03:39 PM, 03-11-2010 Warbux
High-End Hemp Speakers Are All the Buzz
Nice story User! :peace: User 03-11-2010 1 110 05:00 PM, 03-11-2010 CocoJoe
Feds Raid Hawaii Cannabis Ministry
PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE / / Public Statement from Peaceful Sky Alliance: / March 11, 2010 / / The Peaceful Sky Alliance is an organization dedicated to implementation of the Lowest Law Enforcement Priority of Cannabis Ordinance ... Warbux 03-11-2010 3 379 01:38 PM, 03-12-2010 RoguePoet
New Jim Crow: How The War On Drugs Gave Birth To A Permanent American Undercaste
this is a great read, thank you. Warbux 03-11-2010 9 185 06:01 PM, 03-12-2010 free2blaze
Grand Rapids Requires Medical Marijuana Caregivers to Register With City
It"s all money and power look... / / .All home occupations to obtain a business license for a fee. / / .Tuesday requiring medical marijuana caregivers to register as a home occupation. / / . All marijuana to be contained within the main building ... User 03-11-2010 3 96 02:11 PM, 03-11-2010 Matanuska Valley
Cannabis Holy War
Chris Bennett is preparing for battle in his quest to become the first Canadian legally permitted to use marijuana for religious purposes. / / The 47-year-old entrepreneur, religious history buff and cannabis activist from British Columbia is on a ... Warbux 03-11-2010 0 96 08:28 AM, 03-11-2010 Warbux
Marijuana Apparel Creates Buzz
CONYERS, Ga. — Freedom Gifts, an Atlanta-based distributor of cannabis culture merchandise and tobacco equipment, has introduced hemp-scented T-shirts to its product line. Appropriately, the T’s feature designs representative of marijuana ... Warbux 03-11-2010 0 78 07:48 AM, 03-11-2010 Warbux
Long Beach OKs Medical Pot Ordinance
CA - Medical marijuana collectives will have to grow their weed within the city limits and will face greater school buffer zones under an ordinance approved Tuesday. / / After months of working and reworking the law, the City Council voted 5-4 to ... Warbux 03-10-2010 0 73 09:15 PM, 03-10-2010 Warbux
NORML Charges Washington County with Unlawful Breach of OMMP Patient Confidentiality
A-hole enforcement peeps.. remember you are not above the law. you are their to protect the people and look out for their interests. I wish more of the guys were sent to prison User 03-10-2010 1 158 08:26 AM, 03-11-2010 notrax420
How Reefer Will Be Going Corporate
Nick Tenant was running an auto detailing business in Detroit when the auto industry collapsed. / / He grew up in Warren, Mich. His father worked at General Motors Corp. He started cleaning and reconditioning cars at age 17. In a few years, he ... User 03-10-2010 0 221 02:40 PM, 03-10-2010 User
Which Medical Marijuana Evaluators Sell Their Patient Info?
CO - CannaMed owner David Mazin came up with the idea of having his medical marijuana evaluation clinics sell patients to dispensaries and pot growers a year ago. Since then, he claims, several other outfits have adopted the same process. To find out ... User 03-10-2010 0 125 02:33 PM, 03-10-2010 User
Chill Out Says Cannabis Smoker Steve
UK - AN Axminster man who grew 74 cannabis plants in his home has defended his right to smoke the drug. / / Steven Wayne Kelly, 33, who carried out community work for growing the plants last year, said the smell it caused was no stronger than curry. ... User 03-10-2010 0 111 02:29 PM, 03-10-2010 User
Man Admits Pain Relief Cannabis Use
UK - A man who used cannabis as pain relief has pleaded guilty to growing the class B drug in his Torquay flat. / / Stephen Raines, 47, of Willow Avenue, had 29 cannabis plants growing in his utility and airing cupboards when police entered the ... User 03-10-2010 0 121 02:25 PM, 03-10-2010 User
Police Bust $10M Six-house Indoor N.J. Marijuana-production Scheme
Stealthiness is only as secure as the weakest decision. / / The investigation started accidentally on Feb. 17 when Monroe Township Police Officer Thomas Lucasiewicz smelled marijuana coming from the chimney of a home on Spotswood-Englishtown Road. ... User 03-10-2010 4 236 03:50 AM, 03-11-2010 Soniq420
Medical Marijuana: Valid Response To Sickness Or Excuse To Smoke?
Coloradans don’t use the expression “Rocky Mountain high” just because of the altitude. In fact, Colorado is one of the leading states for the decriminalization of marijuana in the United States. / While marijuana is still illegal ... Warbux 03-10-2010 0 135 10:53 AM, 03-10-2010 Warbux
Will The King Of Pot Go Up In Smoke?
The King of Pot is shorter than you'd imagine. When you meet a famous drug dealer, one expects scars and a distrustful sneer and some flashy clothes. But Bruce Perlowin, found waiting for an elevator at the Los Angeles Convention Center dressed in ... User 03-10-2010 0 382 09:53 AM, 03-10-2010 User
New Twists Have Companies Smokin' With Reefer Madness
^^^But that doesn't speak to medical use 'off the clock' as it specifies 'in any workplace'. User 03-10-2010 2 238 12:04 PM, 03-11-2010 Pythaglio
Bringing in the Green
The city of Berkeley's Medical Marijuana Commission is considering a new tax on cannabis dispensaries as a way to help close a $12.2 million budget shortfall. / / In the state of California, taxing pot has long been proposed by supporters of ... User 03-10-2010 0 74 09:34 AM, 03-10-2010 User
First Medical Marijuana Dispensary is Robbed, Then It is Targeted by Police
wonder if the guy that robbed the place was working for the police User 03-10-2010 2 214 01:08 AM, 03-11-2010 falcore
Fremont County Approves Medical Marijuana Regulations
CANON CITY - Fremont County Commissioners passed temporary regulations Tuesday overseeing the operation of medical marijuana dispensaries. The vote comes as many cities and counties in Colorado struggle to control the facilities until state ... User 03-10-2010 0 64 08:57 AM, 03-10-2010 User
Colorado Man Who Claims Pot As Sacrament Is Convicted
.......For only $250 you can purchase one of Trevor Douglas’ sanctuary kits. Apparently Trevor didn’t use his kit or they don’t help too much. / its like the old saying "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is". User 03-10-2010 3 127 02:07 PM, 03-10-2010 User
Nigeria: Smuggling - Customs Chief Reads Riot Act.
Thanks for the comedy relief. / / Anytime RoorRip Warbux 03-10-2010 2 81 12:52 PM, 03-10-2010 Warbux
Medical Marijuana Patients Will Ask Legislators to Support Safe Access
Massachusetts: Tomorrow, Thursday, at 1:30 p.m. at the Grand Staircase at the State House, a group of medical marijuana patients and advocates will hold a press conference to ask state lawmakers to support a medical marijuana law in Massachusetts. / ... User 03-10-2010 0 65 08:43 AM, 03-10-2010 User
Marijuana Policy Project Cries Foul Over United Nations Action
The Marijuana Policy Project, the largest marijuana policy reform organization in the United States, has denounced efforts by the United Nations' International Narcotics Control Board to "meddle" in marijuana reform in the United States. / / The ... User 03-10-2010 0 82 08:34 AM, 03-10-2010 User
Vote Hemp and Hemp Industries Association Announce Week Long Education Campaign
The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) and Vote Hemp are excited to announce the 1st Annual Hemp History Week to be held May 17-23, 2010. As a national grassroots education campaign designed to renew strong support for hemp farming in the U.S., Hemp ... User 03-10-2010 0 71 08:28 AM, 03-10-2010 User
Lawyer Suggests Joe Hyer Entrapped
Entrapement is a defense that needs to be used in any case with an undercover informant. I hope Hyer is able to win this case. User 03-10-2010 2 97 10:35 AM, 03-10-2010 Weed420
Cannabis Science Coming To Australia's Nimbin MardiGrass 2010
The annual MardiGrass festival brings activists from around the world to speak for marijuana decriminalization / / Dr. Bob Melamede PhD will be a special guest at the Australian pro-cannabis event May 1 & 2, 2010. / / “This is our eighteenth ... Warbux 03-10-2010 0 43 08:14 AM, 03-10-2010 Warbux
Wisconsin Medical Cannabis Activists Swarm Capitol For Ongoing "Operation Floodgates"
Madison: State medical cannabis activists have established a daily presence at the Wisconsin State Capitol in Madison to push for passage of the Jacki Rickert Medical Marijuana Act as the 2009-2010 legislative session winds down. There is a real ... Warbux 03-10-2010 0 62 07:56 AM, 03-10-2010 Warbux
-- Threads with the most replies --
Mexican Cartels Join DEA in Opposition of U.S. State Marijuana Laws
Prohibtion on Pot was origanaly put forth for immigration control back in the 1930's. Really work well. LOL / / This is a new one.I've heard that it was to allow hearst to make a fortune off of his timber claims,to prevent hispanics,blacks and jazz ... Weedpipe 02-01-2010 99 2048 01:18 PM, 03-11-2010 sicntired The last pipe you'll have to buy
I bought a second one for birthday present for a friend of mine. Loaded it up and stuck it back in the box and packed it in dry ice. When he opened it he was blown away. Thing was so cold you had to use a towel to hold it. I swear if you dropped it ... Model419.Com 12-19-2009 72 2255 06:29 PM, 03-13-2010 borntorun
Legalization of Marijuana is No Joke
First off, I never said I was addicted to mj. I'm speaking from the liquid side of the fence, so to speak. Second, I did say if people need mj for medicinal purposes, it's a different deal. My point is that this world has too many crutches as it is, ... Weedpipe 02-12-2010 26 737 03:05 AM, 03-08-2010 groover
Despite Obama's Promise, DEA Continues Raids On Medical Marijuana Growers
Colorado lawmakers petition Eric Holder to stop the raids in CO citing President Barack Obama and officials at the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. / / Colorado Medical Marijuana Raids Need To Stop: State Senators ... User 02-13-2010 24 731 09:45 PM, 03-08-2010 Hieroglyph83
Death Penalty For Marijuana In Malaysia
It is extremely insane, inhumane, and just completely outrageous and ridiculous to end someones life because you disagree with their choices, especially when that choice is to carry some plant.. that grows wildly across the globe.... (or would if ... User 03-02-2010 22 482 09:44 PM, 03-08-2010 Leary
CBS Reverses Decision, Agrees to Run Pro-Marijuana Ad
A "CHANGE" is gonna come! User 03-05-2010 21 587 03:33 PM, 03-12-2010 Roseman
Feds: Theres' No Medical Marijuana Except Our Medical Marijuana
Ok, I watched the video, and quite honestly, what he's explaining is how THESE 20 States WANT to present the argument that state's rights should be supreme under the 10th Amendment. The title of the video, clearly states that, 20 + States Declaring ... User 03-04-2010 19 418 02:13 PM, 03-08-2010 Nicademus
Lawsuit Can Proceed Over Deaths of Two Dogs in Raid
Terrorists is what they are. No more not less. They are sworn to serve and protect... but who are they serving and protecting? User 03-01-2010 19 447 03:05 PM, 03-10-2010 GanjaAL2
Medical Marijuana Patients Suffering Police Harassment
hahahaha im safe theres one and ? 999,999,999,999 people left to legalize and get inside there homes for a mass-smoke-out at global 4:20 of course:48: Ganjarden 02-20-2010 18 480 07:04 AM, 03-09-2010 justintym2
Marijuana Shortages Possible After Multiple Truckload Busts
"and yes because most mass grows are illegal...they tap into the electric grid and rip the power, they destroy homes, and only care about profits and tend to use harsh chemicals that you end up smoking, all your mone goes to canada or mexico" / / ... User 03-07-2010 16 842 06:46 PM, 03-09-2010 michaelkaer
Welcome Warbux; 420 Magazine's New News Hawk
Thanx CocoJoe..:yahoo: RoorRip Soniq420 03-06-2010 16 328 05:57 PM, 03-12-2010 Warbux
Classes Teach Patients How To Grow Pot
i wouldn't go so far as to say they are "doing all the lobbying". Americans For Safe Access (ASA) is also doing great work for us and been behind much of the strides we've made too. they often work together, which is the only way this is ever gonna ... Ganjarden 03-06-2010 16 327 08:44 AM, 03-11-2010 User
Fearing The Message
The truth is getting out from the internet to many households. The truth that Cannabis is a great medicine gets told to new people every day. Old folks are using it more since it is cheap (if you grow it yourself) and they can not afford the pills ... User 03-03-2010 16 324 06:34 PM, 03-09-2010 michaelkaer
Hawaii Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Three Bills to Improve Marijuana Laws
:bravo::bravo::bravo::thumb: User 03-04-2010 13 280 12:22 PM, 03-08-2010 Heavyherb
Going Rogue: DEA Style
Much respect to you StinkFinger and FryingPanFlyer, I enjoy the discussion with your guys ;) / / I'm not as much thinking about the 5 days, I'm thinking about the year it's been since Attorney General Holder said that the DEA would halt Medical ... User 03-09-2010 9 291 06:20 PM, 03-11-2010 FryingPanFlyer
Patient Threatens To Sue Over Seized Medical Marijuana
Sorry was on a tangent... thanks Warbux... I think they have that one down pat. That is SOP and they are great at shooting helpless animals. Hey has anyone reported them for animal cruelty or to those radical animal rights activists? I am sure the ... Ganjarden 02-28-2010 9 218 06:43 PM, 03-12-2010 Warbux
Sacramento Man On Trial For Taking Pot On Airplane
Medical marijuana allowed at SFO, Bay Area airports / / Medical marijuana patients can now travel with the drug through San Francisco International Airport, as well as other Bay Area airports, the Mercury News reports. / / Passengers who are ... Warbux 03-08-2010 8 297 10:23 AM, 03-14-2010 User
New Hampshire House Considering Decriminalizing Marijuana
Well said! User 03-08-2010 8 141 06:14 AM, 03-12-2010 NEPharmer
Green Hawaii Weighing Marijuana Dispensaries
HONOLULU - / Police are fighting medical marijuana expansion, arguing that crime would increase and too many people would abuse dispensaries by getting doctors' permission for made-up symptoms. / / / How large an effort are the ... User 03-06-2010 6 235 12:35 PM, 03-08-2010 Major Tom
Massey Pot Bill Hearing Explores Reality Of Current Dispensary Business
Take it to the people for a vote. I like Funboys opinion also to the premis that a small local grower and private caregiver has the better interest of his or her patient than of the large corporations that are looking at the profit margin. When you ... User 03-06-2010 6 265 09:33 PM, 03-12-2010 Grower5280
Walmart Fires Michigan Man For Using Medical Marijuana
I am not even shocked by Walmarts hypocrisy. Suppose his drug screening tested positive for the Vicoden sold by Walmart? / / Good point... User 03-09-2010 5 313 10:18 AM, 03-13-2010 trekie
Real World Ramifications of Cannabis Legalization & Decriminalization
Yes, who is actually seeing them? I've found out so much information since I started growing, but if I hadn't looked for it, I wouldn't know most of what is going on with legalization. / / Hundreds of news stories here, or when searched for, but ... User 03-09-2010 4 179 10:22 AM, 03-10-2010 Ziminy
Texas Jury Jails Man 35 Years For Marijuana Possession
Makes absolutely no since does it. But thats the way they are in Texas. An awful lot of minorities in jail there. Warbux 03-09-2010 3 142 03:52 PM, 03-09-2010 Weed420
Is Full Legalization of Marijuana Coming to California?
Holding my breath here.Because as a medical user i wont be safe until it's legal for adults. Ganjarden 03-05-2010 3 414 12:34 PM, 03-08-2010 Nicademus
Medical Marijuana Bill Another Step In The Right Direction, Says Advocate Matt Brown
Matt Brown is just a Cali lobbyist out here to help his Cali Cronies. It's funny how he has testified in front of the "State" senate and he isn't even a resident here. Ganjarden 03-04-2010 3 149 10:49 PM, 03-08-2010 Grower5280

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